Banana Diet: Japan Goes Banana for a New Diet Craze

banana dietSumiko Watanabe, an Osaka-based pharmacist, created a diet to help her husband lose weight.

How the diet works?

In the morning, The Banana Diet consists of well, one or more bananas and a glass of room-temperature water. For lunch and dinner, you may eat anything you like. For snacks, you may opt to have one at 3:00 pm. However, your dinner should be consumed on or before 8:00 pm… and dessert is a no.

How effective is it?

Reportedly, Banana Diet creator Sumiko Watanbe’s husband lost 37 lbs.

The Craze

The Banana Diet was initially posted on one of Japan’s top social networking sites. Eventually the Morning Banana Diet books hit bookstores in March and have sold more than 730,000 copies since then. The diet’s popularity increased even more when a TV show in Japan featured a celebrity who reportedly lost 15 lbs. in just six weeks.

Right now, even the biggest grocery stores run out of bananas as early as noon, Time magazine reports. Even Dole Japan has is having a hard time keeping up with the demand. According to the magazine, the company has increased its banana imports by more than 25 percent, but stores still run out of supply.


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