Anne Collins Diet

The Anne Collins’ diet is one which embraces the philosophy of relaxation and releasing worry. This is the diet that likes to address something emotional in the person instead of the physical. This is the diet that wants you to be able to start relaxing before you lose the weight.

The philosophy of the diet is that the typical quick fix diets or overnight cures that most people hear about is not exactly the best way to go about losing weight. The philosophy of the diet is to mainly "make friends with food". This is their belief because the diet’s philosophy is that people are mainly afraid of food. That they do not want to be able to enjoy food.

The key to losing weight in this particular diet is to eat several smaller meals during the course of the day instead of eating three square meals each day with smaller helpings. The latter will only elicit a hungrier stomach and it will only be the start of something bad. The diet also does not endorse the different special pills that are out in the market simply because they are nothing but shortcuts to something which can be done much better the natural way.

The diet is an advocate of healthy, natural eating. It is the best thing to do because buying special ‘diet foods’ is not the answer because those types of food do nothing but make you eat something that is synthetic and not organic. The important thing to remember to eat properly. For this particular diet, this is the only way for you to be able to lose weight is to stop worrying. And this is for all of the things that normal diets care about.

You should stop worrying about how many calories you eat or how much you walk your butt off or what particular diet pills you are taking in order to slim down. It’s basically a worry-free philosophy in order to set your sights on the right thing and that is in giving your body what it needs and eating properly every day of the week.

For exercise, one can probably log in around 20-30 minutes of light exercise a day. Coupled with right eating habits, you should be able to gradually get used to eating right. By the time you are able to do this, you should be able to consequently increase the amount of exercise that you are logging in each day.

This is the perfect combination of exercise and eating that one should be able to implement in his or her daily life. It should be obvious that the basic premise of this particular type of diet is that the focus of the individual should only be on eating properly and taking everything slow.

There should be small but sure changes in the person’s diet and it should be gradually increased as time progresses. In the end, the result is a slimmer waistline and a trauma-free experience for the person who undergoes this diet.

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