Why Celebrities Practice Yoga?

People often look to the magazine covers or on the red carpet and marvel at how Hollywood celebrities are able to keep their slim figures despite their busy schedule.

The reason is because they always find time to exercise as much as possible. Also, it is an open secret that some celebrities on the silver screen even practice yoga to keep the added weight off.

Hollywood goes crazy on yoga

From Madonna to Reese Witherspoon, from Rachel Aniston to Jennifer Lopez, and from Jerry Seinfeld to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, yoga has been sweeping the celebrity world. They are among the long list of yoga-practicing celebs that have made this exercise at part of their routine.

It is also not surprising why celebrities are taking yoga as a means to relax themselves from the hustle and bustle that the showbiz industry brings. Yoga has also enabled them to settle their mind and take focus on their inner selves.

Yoga as exercise

As strange as it might sound, yoga is also a great form of exercise. The practice uses your own body weight to support yourself as you perform the poses, as well as enables to strengthen every muscle in your body. Also, doing actions in sequence like the Sun Salutation raises your cardio.

For many celebrities, looking good is part of their success in the showbiz industry. Because yoga consumes a lot of concentration, only a number of celebrities practice yoga. However, those who do are lauding the far-reaching benefits of this generations-long spiritual practice.

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