Tori Spelling Loses Pregnancy Weight without Diet or Exercise

With two-thirds of Americans who are either overweight or obese, dieting and exercise has become a byword on almost everywhere, from news of celebrity mothers who have shed off the weight gained during pregnancy to the latest abdominal machine to hit the infomercials.  Many have become successful in losing the extra pounds and inches, but there are dieters who struggle with the routine brought by diet and exercise.

But for Tori Spelling, looking skinny just weeks after giving birth is just not that realistic.  However, many entertainment insiders were shocked to see Tori in a slimmer and slender figure, which she claims was achieved with any form of dieting and exercise. 

"I read all the magazines.  I know how all the actresses look great weeks after having a baby, and that doesn’t happen to me," Tori said in an interview with Us Weekly during her promotion of her new book, Mommywood, which is currently on sale.

The reality TV star gave birth to Liam, aged 2, and 11-month old Stella.  She admitted gaining 40 pounds during her pregnancy with Liam.  Although she managed to lose the excess weight through the usual diet and exercise route, she did not enjoy every second of it.  She also gained 40 pounds while she was pregnant with Stella, but this time she was able to shake off the mommy weight as well even though she skipped the gym.

What was her secret?  Having balanced meals.

She and hubby Dean McDermott began cooking together using organic produce, and make it a family experience by having meals together.  This, Tori claimed, removed the pressure brought by losing weight. 

"The weight came off a lot quicker when I wasn’t like, ‘Oh, I have to follow this diet regimen!’ It was just easier doing it the natural way," added Tori.

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