Rachel Ray Diet

Tired of following your diet plan to the core, yet you end up breaking it anyway?  It is not your fault if you suddenly craved for that plateful of pasta after days of just eating vegetables, as your body needs that dose of carbs to give you energy to perform throughout the day.  Wouldn’t it be great if you simply not diet yet still get the body that you want, even without surgery?

The gist

Rachel Ray is one of the most popular celebrities of recent years.  She is known for presenting meals that are quick to prepare, as well as hosting her own TV shows, editing her own magazine, and even having her own line of cookware.  People like her because the dishes she cooks out on television are quick, tasty, and most of all fun. 

With all that delicious food, you wonder how she keeps herself fit.  She admitted one time that she has not weighed herself since she was a child, and she does not need the pressure of trying to make her body meet the standards of everyone else.

So how does she do it?  It’s by not dieting at all! Doing so removes the pressures, expense, and time-consuming tasks of managing a diet.  However, by not dieting you also need to apply a common-sense approach to eating.  For instance, you do not eat when you are not hungry, or not eating the foods you should not eat (such as bad fats).

To guide you with the non-diet approach, Ray has provided a series of advises that you need to take.  As a non-dieter, you need to learn from your past mistakes and change your eating habits or any other routines that obviously did not work for you.  You also do not have to eat when you are not hungry, but you also do not have to skip meals in the process. 

Always choose a healthier alternative to eating, such as avoiding too much fast food, drinking water instead of soda, as well as having lots of fruits and vegetables.  Lastly, you still need to get some moderate exercise as often as possible.

The best part of this non-diet is that you decide what your "perfect body" should look like.  You do not have to look chiseled or wafer thin, as long as you look and feel healthy.


There is absolutely no pressure when you go for the non-diet approach.  You still eat the foods you love, although now you have to take it in moderation.  It also creates a perfect health plan that you like and your body can tolerate. 


Some people may not like its lack of organized instructions about what to do and whatnots.

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