Jessica Alba Post Baby Diet

The Jessica Alba post baby diet may be a celebrity diet program that new moms can follow if they wish to regain a slimmer figure after giving birth. After all, celebrities need to have such diets in order to get back into their celebrity figures. And in as much, Jessica Alba may provide a great recent example.

Jessica Alba gave birth to a baby girl on June of 2008. It necessarily follows that there would be some excess weight to shed. But incredibly, the way Jessica did it was quite fast in terms of results. In a span of just two months, the Fantastic Four star was able to lose as much as 25 pounds, impressing even her trainer and the world as well.

3-2-1 Meal Plan

So how did Jessica Alba do it? It can be credited to the diet and exercise regimen that her long time trainer, Ramona Braganza has made for her.

The program consist a diet that Braganza calls the 3-2-1 meal plan. It consists of 3 meals, 2 snacks, and then at least 1 liter of water a day. Following this diet, Jessica is looking to take in from 1,800 to 2,000 calories a day, with extra 500 calories reserved for breastfeeding her baby.

In Jessica’s diet plan, breakfast consists of hard boiled eggs or scrambled egg whites with toast. Lunch calls for salads with either chicken or lean fish.

Dinner consists of eating lean meats and vegetables. For snacks, choices are limited to fruits, vegetables and low fat cheeses.

Jessica should also drink at least a liter of water a day.

Exercise Regimen

Jessica also followed an exercise regimen to burn off the fats to complete the postpartum weight loss program. It consists of six times of workouts a week, each with sessions going for about an hour.

Each session consists of 3 to 10 minutes of cardio work, 2 to 10 minutes of circuit training and 1 to 10 minutes of core work. It certainly is quite a weight loss program to follow. But by the looks of things, it is pretty effective if diligently followed.

Jessica Alba’s postpartum weight loss program may provide a blueprint to follow for the new moms out there wishing to shed off those extra pounds after giving birth.


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