Get Madonna's Buffed Bod

Superstar and pop icon Madonna’s transformations throughout the years has kept us enthralled. Apart from her ability to start trends and spark media frenzy, her amazing physique has women half her age green with envy.

So what’s does the 50-year old queen of pop do to achieve such a buffed bod? Madonna’s own trainer has the answers.

Madonna’s diet

Tracey Anderson, Madonna’s personal trainer, spilled to US Weekly that the pop icon goes on a short-term diet that guarantees a 3-5 lbs weight loss per week for over six weeks.

This particular diet is very restrictive of processed foods and dairy products. It also prohibits the intake of almost all kinds of spices. Oils and sauces are also banned, as are alcohol and caffeine. Water intake, on the other hand should be 1.5 to 3 liters. Carbs intake should be limited to one serving of wholegrains per day, preferably during breakfast.

Below is a sample of Madonna’s diet for 2 days. You can mix-match the foods for each day’s menu if you grow tired of eating the same thing everyday.

Sample daily menu 1

1 cup Kashi (wholegrain) cereal, with 1 cup plain – or vanilla – nonfat rice milk

3 oz grilled chicken breast – or fresh turkey breast (no deli meat!) – with 1 cup each of chopped cucumber and tomatoes

1 cup mixed berries (preferably raspberries, blackberries and blueberries)

1 cup organic pasta with 1 cup steamed spinach

Sample daily menu 2

1 cup Kashi cereal, with 1 cup plain or vanilla-flavored nonfat rice milk

2 hardboiled eggs with 1 cup each of baby carrots and cherry tomatoes

3 to 5 oz grilled sea bass with 1 cup steamed spinach

Madonna’s workout routine

Anderson also shares the pop queen’s secret to achieving her perfectly toned body. The trick, Anderson spills, is to constantly change routines.

Madonna mixes dancing with various types of cardio exercises such as jumping rope, running on a trampoline or doing treadmill sprints, plus crunching and weightlifting. Anderson says the constant changing keeps muscle groups from bulking up.


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