Celebrity Size Obsession

Lindsay LohanWhen we look at Jessica Alba, Kim Cattrall, Lindsay Lohan, Natalie Portman and other godly looking celebrities our initial question most of the time is, ‘how did she manage to look like that?!’ and of course the process continue and we find ourselves longing to look as good as them. From this, celebrity size obsession was born and it continues to satisfy our curiosity make our longing more deep and heavy.

From the biggest, most fit looking, the skinniest to the the most skeletal looking celebrity one will not have a hard time at looking for those information as it is all over magazines and tabloids. The obsession with regard to the weight of these public figures is everywhere be it on a celebrity magazine, tabloids to broadsheet type of news paper their weights or rather how they look like are all well published.

It is fabulous for us to know and be updated with regard to the fitness of one of the most lovely people in the world. Yet the downside of it is when their flaws gets to still be applauded in the media. In fact at times what we seem to be just right turns out to look so wrong with the comments being given to the popular people. In effect, the comments may change one’s view towards something that is alright to be so wrong.

"Size Four is the new Six; Zero is the new Two; Six is the New Sixteen." a quotable quote from the move The Devil Wears Prada. As people gets to gain extra pounds these days the more they’ve become longing for more of these weight updates and secrets in diet. The more we long for those information the more most of us become upset with what they look like. Those information sure is entertaining. Yet always mind that beauty itself is subjective. Let us not based our own from the comments we see around.

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