Brooke Shields Diet Secrets

Brooke ShieldBrooke Shields is back in the spotlight with her latest TV series, Lipstick Jungle, now with a sexier and fitter body. In case you have not noticed, not only she now looks more amazing than ever before, she also feels great about her new self. She is definitely back in the day she emerged on the scene with her controversial Calvin Klein jean ads.

Ever wondered how a fabulous 40-something mom like her stay that way? Here is her secret.


So what consists Brooke’s diet? For breakfast, she eats eggs, fruit and fruit smoothies, and whole-wheat toast. Her lunch typically consists of a bowl of organic mac and cheese, which she shares with her children. Brooke eats Greek yogurt with honey for a midday snack.

And for dinner, she says she is into Indian foods. Brooke has a normal-sized dinner, which she also shares with her children.

Brooke’s great body is a product of disciplining herself to stay away from calorie-rich processed carbohydrates. Her diet tips to achieve an amazing body are to avoid bread, pasta, and dessert. "Carbs are the first thing to go if I want to lose weight," she says. She enjoys dining out with friends whenever she gets a chance.

Eating habits

Brooke says she never used to consume red meat. Now however, if she craves it, she goes for it. She also loves ice cream. One of her diet secrets is that she does not deny herself.. "It’s when I deny myself that I want to eat more. I’m better off if I eat throughout the day than if have big meals, because I’ve got a huge capacity – I can eat like a guy!" she says.

So she pops a bar of Dove Miniatures. She can satisfy her cravings without going overboard. She also drinks lots of water, which makes her skin and hair much healthier and radiantly beautiful.


Brooke grazes on food throughout the day. Grazing can help you lose weight by curbing you cravings and lowering your overall calorie intake.

Cutting out processed carbohydrates is also an effective way to shed unwanted pounds. Brooke satisfies her cravings here and there with foods such as "mac and cheese" But she understands her limitations very well and also practices portion control.

Grazing helps you to boost your metabolism. Consuming small meals throughout the day normalizes your blood sugar level and keeps it from making huge up-and-down fluctuations. As evidenced by Brooke’s incredible body, this way of eating is very good for you.

Listening to the body

If you want to trim down your waist, you should learn to listen to your body. Eating small meals everyday means that you should eat when your body is hungry, not when your mind is hungry. When you wait for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, often you are so hungry that you overeat.

Brooke’s grazing is under control because she only eats when her body tells her she is hungry. As a result, she eats more frequently but has fewer total calorie intake, and feels more satiated.

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