Brooke Hogan Diet and Workout

Brooke Hogan, the daughter of the famous Hulk Hogan, is making a name of her own and she is looking absolutely amazing doing it. The star of her own reality series "Brooke Knows Best" recently shed 10 pounds and feels great about her body. So what is her secret?

Brooke’s Diet

Brooke eats "super clean, all organic" and "very healthy" foods. Her diet includes several small meals and snacks throughout the day. She munches on almonds, walnuts, grapes, fruit, salad, and her favorite tuna with low-fat mayo. She says she eats whenever her body tells her she needs something.

Brooke tries not to consume too much late at night. If she cannot help it or must eat something, she satisfies her cravings with foods low in carbs. When she is into losing weight, Brooke cuts out refined sugar and bread. But she confesses that she sometimes gives in to some vices. "Sometimes I get the biggest bowl of pasta I can eat," she says.

Favorite foods

Brooke loves eating LaraBar energy bar and organic mac and cheese. She is also into fruits, saying that "sugar in fruit is ok to eat". She adds lemon juice to the fruit and loves eating vanilla crackers, which are relatively low in calories and fat.

Brooke’s Workout

Brooke’s awesome body is a product of an intense workout with her dad. What could be better than that!. She and her dad works out six days a week every morning. Brooke’s routine includes a 30-minute cardio exercise, and one hour of weightlifting. She does countless crunches, which explains her great abs.

Brooke feels good about her body. "Sometimes I want to be a thin model. But I’m happy with my body – I think every girl looks at herself and wishes something else. I know I have got a beautiful body," she says.

Some comments on Brooke’s diet

So what is good about Brooke’s diet? Here are some comments on her diet that will surely help you lose those unwanted pounds and achieve a body to die for. For one, a diet full of nuts is great.

Moreover, fruit diet not only helps make you look sexier, it also clean inside of your body.  Basically, fruits are perfect food for weight loss and the idea of adding lemon juice is sheer genius. In addition to being healthy, lemon juice adds an excellent contrasting tart flavor to fruits, which really wakes up the flavor. Try this trick and you will love it for sure.

The organic fad

However, you should not caught up in the "organic" craze. Few people know that organic food versions are just as high in calories as their traditional counterparts. This holds especially true for cookies, mac and cheese. Organic sugar, organic white flour…they are all akin to organic cigarettes.

Also, LaraBars, like all "weight loss", "diet", and "health" bars, will more likely to result in weight gain. This is not recommended if you are embarking on a weight loss program.

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