Weight By Date: Diet Software for Your PC

weight by dateOne of the most important aspects of losing weight is to monitor your progress.  And in a digital high-tech world, jotting down your progress on your journal may not be a convenient way to do.  Now, a latest software provides you with all the tools you need in monitoring your weight loss, as well as you food intake.

The gist

Weight-by-Date is a diet software program available for your PDA.  It puts into journal your own fitness goals and progress in your diet.  Although it does not show that you would lose a certain amount of weight by a certain period of time, its convenient tools tell you how much you have lost and when you would reach your weight loss goal if you continue your progress.

This software also comes with a food diary that keeps track of what you have eaten, the amount of nutrition you have been getting, and tells you whether you have exceeded your caloric limits.  The device contains a food database of over 40,000 food items and their nutritional values.  Simply add the particular food you have eaten in your Weight-by-Date and it automatically provides you its nutritional data and is plugged into your food diary.

Meanwhile, Weight-by-Date also contains an exercise database of about 130 different kinds of physical activity as well as the amount of calories consumed.  The software does not require you to adhere to a specific exercise program.  You also need to measure yourself in 7 different areas of the body before logging the data in it.

Once you have reached your desired weight, Weight-by-Date would also provide you with information on how to maintain that weight, such as how many calories should you take and how many calories you should burn everyday.  The information comes in charts and graphs, helping you to visualize your progress easier.


Weight-by-Date is very convenient, as it is simply stored in your PDA or personal laptop.  No need for additional equipment or devices to track your weight loss progress.  You can also personalize the software according to your current weight and body measurements.


However, this software is not available for people using Mac or Linus operating systems.  Entering data through Weight-by-Date could take time, so your patience may be tested.  Also you must have adequate knowledge on electronic gadgets and the Internet to make usage of Weight-by-Date easier.

The Weight-by-Date program is available in three different download packages:  The Basic for $19, the PDA edition also for $19, and the Pro for $37.

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