Picture Perfect Weight Loss

The Picture Perfect Weight Loss was formulated by the famous physician Howard Shapiro. This weight loss program has been the favorite of many in America with fashion models and business executives as its top clients. It has been featured in Vogue, Good Morning America, New York Finest and recently, in the newest book entitled Picture Perfect Weight Loss 30 Day Plan by Rodale in 2002 which provides helpful advice to children having issues with obesity.

The Principle

The program serves as an eye opener for the dieters subjected to it. It offers simple behavioral strategies and visual comparisons with regard to what food one would like to eat. The goal is to lose weight through choosing the healthy food containing the lower calorie level. Everything in this program is about choosing and creating a change.

How does it work?

As what many experts say, the Picture Perfect Weight Loss is not really a diet but a strategy in losing weight. The program provides food pyramid. It shows all the healthful food selection on can have and the information about its content such as calories. Howard Shapiro calls this weight loss program the Fat and Food Awareness Training.

What can be eaten?

Just like any other diet program Shapiro’s advice in taking more vegetables as well. Whole grains are advised to be included in the daily diet more over than that of refined products. Avocados, seeds, healthful oils and nuts are the permitted fats. For protein, it is recommended to have seafood, legumes and soy. Fat free frozen desserts like yogurt, fudge bars, sorbet and hard candies are for dessert. Meanwhile vegetables, soups, fat-free dressing, fat-free dips for the veggies, fat-free condiments, fruits, hard candy can be eaten up anytime.

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