Hidden Calories To Watch Out For In Your Diet

shutterstock_25549402Health-conscious people are always watchful of what they eat. Calorie counting has become a habit. But even if they read every product label of the food they eat, there are times when there are certain hidden calories that they fail to put into consideration. Some of them are even part of so-called health foods. Here are some types of hidden calories that people should watch out for.

Fat-free Salad Dressings

Fat-free products may be something that healthy-minded people always look for. For their salads, they choose to use fat-free dressings because, of course, they are fat-free. But people should become more aware that fat-free is not always a good thing. Studies show that people tend to eat bigger portions when they eat fat-free foods. And another thing, manufacturers of fat-free products usually remove the fat but add some extra sugar in order to preserve the taste. People may not be aware of the added calories they eat. It is better to use the real dressing, only eat less of it, than using fat-free dressings. And besides, the body needs fat in order to absorb the fat-soluble nutrients found in most salads.

Veggie Chips

By the name alone, people may consider veggie chips as a healthy snack. However, do not be misled. Veggie chips may be equivalent in terms of calories with potato chips. That is because veggie chips are already coated with oil and salt during its preparation. Whatever nutritional value it contains may already be stripped away by the cooking process. If you wish a healthier snack and avoid the hidden calories, you are better off eating the real thing fresh.

Energy Bars

People who try to avoid snacking usually consider energy bars as a healthy choice. But this is where calories may also matter. It pays to choose the right energy bars to eat. Most of them may come in double serving sizes that add up in terms of calories you take in. Many of them also contain lots of added sugar and fiber.

Caesar Salad

While eating salads may be a healthy option, choosing to eat a Caesar salad may not always be ideal. Most Caesar salad servings contain almost half of the fats that you need for the day. It can also take a third of your daily calorie needs. Most of such salads also make use of Romaine lettuce, considered as one of the least nutritious greens available. If you do crave to eat Caesar salad, request to have the dressing served on the side. Just add about two tablespoons into your salad and add in some grilled chicken or shrimp to make it a balanced meal.

Gluten-free Food Products

Becoming a more popular healthy option, gluten-free food products seems to become a popular choice for people who mind their calorie consumption. However, people should know something more about gluten-free products. Gluten gives certain foods their texture and taste. Removing it may require the food manufacturer to do something to compensate for the difference in taste and texture. They do so by adding more sugar, starch and fat. This leads to such food products coming with added calories. A better option is to eat more of naturally gluten free foods instead of eating the processed ones.


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