The DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet is a program designed to prevent the silent killer called hypertension or high blood pressure. Hypertension can cause permanent damage that if remained unchecked, might result in kidney failure, heart attack or stroke.

With DASH, elevated blood pressures can be reduced with an eating plan low in saturated fat, total fat, and cholesterol, and rich in fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy foods. The plan is rich in magnesium, potassium, and calcium, as well as protein and fiber.

This diet is backed by the National Institute of Health which made its claims sounds more valid. The DASH Diet focuses on keeping blood pressure below 120/80 mmHg and any value above this is considered to be a health risk.

Foods included in the DASH Diet are: foods low in saturated fat, foods low in cholesterol and total fat, fruits and vegetables and low-fat dairy foods, whole grain products, fish, poultry and nuts. Foods need to be reduced in the DASH Diet are red meat, sweets, beverages containing sugar and all salty food and sauces so stay away from mustard, pickles, soy sauce, MSG and catsup.

By limiting the sodium intake of 1500mg per day, hypertension could be reduced dramatically as well as the number of headaches people experienced compared to a group of subjects on a higher (3000mg) sodium diet. It should be minded though that this high-fiber diet can cause diarrhea in some people. If this occurs, individuals are encouraged to eat more fruit, vegetables and whole grains. But fiber can also cause constipation if not enough water is consumed.

A number of people have garnered a number of issues with the DASH diet in regards to its implementation. This is a kind of diet that needs motivation and difficult sustain. Nonetheless, it’s a recommendable diet, as it could create a long lasting change which hopefully will reduce blood pressure the natural way without drugs.

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